N'ner Ra Edledhron

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N’ner is a young elf although for race that does not age this is not really saying much. He is most intelligent elf born to his generation. It is a shame that he is also bit stubborn.

N’ner’s family while respected are definitely of the middle class. They have never had the wealth, power, or ambition to seek a place on the Counsel of Advisors. Unbeknownst to his family members have occasionally been in the running for high king but have never been reached final round of selection.

Mostly N’ner’s family consists of small merchants, warriors, and crafts people. However it was clear almost from N’ner’s birth that he wouldn’t be useful for such practical occupations. His parents spent a considerable amount of time trying to decide if to apprentice him to a ranger or a mage. Eventually they determined that a mage would be more useful in the long run.

During N’ner’s training in magic which he started at the very young age of 60 he met and started a friendship with Velefaradeth Matadar (Vel) while a decade older was not quite so good at the course work. N’ner tutored Vel and Vel helped make N’ner be accepted by the other students. Vel was and is from the Noble family of Matadar and Vel’s father currently sits on the High Counsel. While it was only Vel and N’ner being friends everything was good. A high class boy befriending an obviously talented upcoming lower class mage was both politically useful it might also result in the Matadar family earning a powerful ally in a century or two.

Problems started when N’ner met Vel’s younger sister Erudiriel. Eventually the two would grow close far too close for the comfort of Erudiriel’s family. When N’ner had finished his magic training and was nearing his time of service with the hunt it became obvious that N’ner and Erudiriel were planning to announce an engagement. While have a friend of the family from a lower class was fine, marriage with one was not. When trying to convince Erudiriel to call it off and not see N’ner anymore didn’t work other plans had to be put into motion.

So the family of Matadar arranged for N’ner to be framed for stealing an enchanted gem from another of the great families. With quick action Matadar was able to bring discredit on a rival family and have N’ner subjected to exile. Neither Vel or Erudiriel were involved in the conspiracy but they do believe that N’ner gave into greed, lust for magic, and stole the gem. Erudiriel has vowed to wait for him anyway believing he will return to her. Her family think she will grow tired of waiting long before they hear of N’ner’s fate which they assume will be death.

At trial if N’ner had admitted his guilt and pleaded for mercy he would have received it and only been sentenced to an extra 50 years in the hunt patrolling Iliarinor’s boarders. Of course as a penal member of the hunt he would have never gained any rank and would have gotten the worst boarders to patrol but he would have remained in Iliarinor.

Even after the trial if N’ner would have admitted his crime and asked for forgiveness from the offended family his exile would have been minimumal. (The family recovered the gem and appearing merciful would have been a political benefit.) However N’ner was stubborn and insisted he was innocent despite having no evidence to prove it and plenty against him.
N’ner was given the maximum sentence one that is the equivalent of death.

N’ner was sentenced to a century of exile from Iliarinor. Should N’ner return without good cause such as irrefutable proof of his innocence, the protection of a Knightly Order, or one of the High Towers of Wizardry he will be summarily executed. Unfortunately the only evidence of N’ner’s innocence is in Iliarinor. The protection of the either a Knightly Order or the High Towers would only protect him while he is on actual business. There is no going home for N’ner for ninety nine years and six months…

N'ner Ra Edledhron

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